Cared for by Clarence Council and situated at what is known as the "Eastern Shore", Opossum Bay and South Arm are part of the South Arm Peninsula.  Believe it or not, it is always about three degrees warmer here than Hobart, as well as having less  rain and enjoying more sunshine.  Of course we are biased, only because we live here but it’s a great place. Take Gellibrand Point for instance (at the very top of the yellow image). There are three differently coloured beaches and Mr Gellibrand himself, father of the first Attorney General of Tasmania who died 6th of September 1840, is buried on top of the beach. The people here are very friendly and  Robin from the Opossum Bay Store makes the BEST hamburgers this side of the known universe. Come on down,  look around and enjoy a taste of Tasmania

Clarence... a brighter place
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Over the years, a large number of people have asked us why our seaside village is called Opossum Bay.  To this day, we have not been able to find out. The best explanation was overheard recently.  It went something like this: "Let me tell ya mate, a couple of 100 years ago some American blokes came sailing up the river and spotted a load of Possums in  our  bay". One of the sailors said: "Oi, there's a load of Possums runn' 'round there".  "Oh-Possum" ............ " is that all?".  And so the  name Opossum Bay was born