This website is a non-commercial site developed by a group of residents of Opossum Bay and South Arm just south of Hobart in Tasmania, Australia to provide information about the plans of the Tasmanian Government to demolish our jetty. This jetty built in 1889 is not only a key sporting, recreational and tourist attraction in Opossum Bay but it has substantial safety elements as well. Please use this site to consider the opinions of everyone involved in the destruction of the jetty and if you – like us – agree that the jetty should be saved we welcome your vote to keep the jetty. These votes will be collected and presented to parliamentary representatives to add support to our campaign”.

Submit your vote and you could win a DVD recorder - free worldwide delivery.
Cartela at Opossum Bay jetty - 1930's
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Electronic entries close at midnight Thursday November 18th, 2004 EST. Winner's name will be drawn on 19 November 2004. Details posted this page.
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